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insurance / track use

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Hi all,
Just an FYI- i was recently speaking with my insurance agency manager, and he told me:

"Hey, just so you know- your policy provides full coverage, even when you are running your car at the track Watkin's Glen"..

I was honestly stunned, i thought it was "common knowledge" that your insurance "shut off" the moment you hit the track. He told me that Liberty Mutual is one of two companies in the country that honor their policies even with track driving. I don't recall the other, he told me "Chub" or something like that..

Just thought some of you may like to know, not pushing Liberty Mutual, but i am glad to know, for sure!! Oh, he also let me know that they were one of few companies that authorize OEM parts for repairs without a fight.

Good to know that not every company is out to screw you over..
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Wow! That is very cool. Almost unbelievable as a matter of fact. I think I got a "chub" :eek: That type of insurance would be quite helpful to the track guys. Good to know.
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