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installed my sirius today...

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thought i'd post here for future reference for people like me wondering how to install sirius in an is f. first off, this isn't a diy guide with pics. why? well, i'm lazy and inconsiderate. also, someone else already posted pics on how to remove the headunit and for the most part it applies to the nav in the is f. anyway, i ordered the kit and sharkfin adapter from tss radio. the sharkfin adapter connects in the trunk right side. peel back the carpet and it's 6 or so inches up from the amp. then i poked the cable through the little opening in the lower right corner by where the other cable harness runs through and then grabbed it by reaching between the rear right seat and plastic trim. ran it along the floor tucked under the plastic trim then ran it under the passenger seat and came out through an already present opening in the carpet. the only thing i removed to do this was the plastic trim on the front passenger door sill. i connected the appropriate cable to the back on the headunit and ran it under the ash tray then out from under the plastic trim in the center down to under the passenger seat. i would have preferred to also go under the carpet with this, but the cable wasn't quite long enough and i would have had to remove more trim pieces so i said f that. i had to remove the two front bolts for the seat in order to gain clearance for the cable connector to pass under the seat rail. both the sirius module and interface module are residing under the passenger seat. they're just loose right now, but i don't think they're going anywhere. if they start to shift around i'll velcro them down. activated it online in about 60 secs.

it took me ~5.5 hrs. i went slow and took little breaks here and there. at least 2 hours of that time was spent shouting random obscenities. honestly the toughest part was getting the center vent pieces out and then reassembling it when the little vent blades all fell out :mad:

it was kind of a pita, but i'd still rather save $350 and not have the dealer anywhere near my car.
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Good work, congratulations!

I bought my ISF new with the ipod accessory hookup installed at the factory.
I then decided to have the Sirius radio module installed. The Lexus dealership service dept. quoted me a price of $599.00 installed. After getting into the project, I received a call that I would need the Vais SoundLinQ 2, Model SL2i, which is an audio interface controller with a built-in Apple ipod interface. I was also informed that the ipod wire that plugs into my itouch would have to be replaced with an aftermarket wire hookup. These parts were ordered and 5 days later my car was finally ready. When I went to pick up my car, I was informed that the total charge was over $1200.00. I quickly informed the service manager that the charges were rediculous and totally unacceptable. I reminded him that I was quoted $599.00. The manager stated that this was the first conversion of adding the Sirius radio, fitkit SRS and Ipod interface. The install also required the Vais as well as the aftermarket Ipod replacement wire for my itouch. Long story short, we agreed on the $599.00 plus Ipod wire and shop supplies charges totaling $706.19.
The manager did say that on this install they actually lost money, but would honor their quote ,sans the ipod wire. He also stated that this was a rather complex fitment and future installs will definitely have to be studied to insure an accurate quote.

You might find it interesting that I was later informed the list prices that should have been charged are below:

Sirius radio $ 199.00
Fitkit, SRS $ 100.00
Adapter wire $ 99.00
Vaisipod $ 299.00
Ipod interface $ 246.00

Labor $ 309.00

Total $1243.00 plus taxes

Be sure to get any quote in writing as insurance against any upcharging.

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does the ipod kit work well? i've been happy with the aux in as i like to change songs frequently and have found most kits make navigating your library cumbersome and slow when compared with using the ipod directly.

and my dealer was also clueless about both the ipod and sat radio install. for the first 20 mins they swore i couldn't do either. i then told them they have both listed on their website so maybe they need to do some reading. i love how i always know more about my cars than the dealers. kind of ridiculous to be honest.
Everything works great.... To be honest, I haven't used the ipod much. There is just to much temptation just listen for the roaring sounds on the engine and intake above 3500 RPMs.
Quite frankly this car is more fun than any I have driven to date. If you want more excitement it will cost in the neighborhood of $85,000 to $135,000, and then that would be debatable. Cars in this price range are still not getting any appreciable differences in numbers i.e., 0-60 and quarter mile times.
Is it worth the extra $25k to $75k? IMHO hell no!

Totally Agreed, although i am on the waiting list for an AUDI R8
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