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Installed My Joe Z exhaust

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I've finally installed the Joe Z exhaust on my 2008 ISF and I originally had the intake tube installed so it's the combo now. I was wondering whether I could leave the exhaust system as is and add the factory mufflers in order to reduce the sound. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love it but it will cause probs with the cops around here.
Your suggestions are appreciated.
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It quiets down after a little while. Mine was obnoxious at first now its barely noticeable at normal driving levels. Wide open however is a different story.
so I've heard but the only problem is taking off from a traffic light even if your doing it slowly... will that obnoxious sound be gone at 2k rpm after the break in?
thanks for the info
well its been a while, but at no point do i remember any specific rpm where there was an obnoxious sound, i just remember it generally being loud until it broke it. i would check for leaks, its possible something didnt get tightened up enough, especially at the front connection to the manifolds.
thanks a lot doublexl. nonetheless i'd like to know if the stock mufflers can be installed on the joe z setup...
anything can be done with some welding
you could also measure the ends of the tips and get universal exhaust silencers.. a few members have done that
Leave it as quiets down substantially after about 1000 miles or so. Give it some time and it'll be perfect.
Appreciate the input... Well physically anything can be done with welding etc... but my concern is will it be compatible and will i still have HP gains compared to stock? I will wait till I finish my first 1000 miles and will make a decision then.

08 ISF: Joe Z exhaust, Joe Z intake, Full tints (light shade), Lexon roof spoiler and Eibach springs to be...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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