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Installation and Upgrade for Carlinkit3.0

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I bought a Carlinkit 3.0 (Wireless Carplay Adapter). Maybe it was a mistake to immediately update to the last FW version (2021-08-24, Build 1817), anyway the adapter seems to lose connection and reconnect (or reboot) in 10-20s interval .

  • Do not update the FW to get "the latest and greatest". Obviously a development version is installed here and not the "latest stable"
  • If you do it anyway and then fight with a non-working device:
1) Do not try to downgrade the FW while the device is stuck in the reboot cycle (bricked)
2) In the reboot, the infotainment screen appears briefly on which you can search for the connected iphone. There on "Settings" (gear wheel) and then switch off the option "auto reconnect".
3) This means that Airplay is not activated automatically and therefore the reboot cycle is not triggered.
4) During this initialization process (in which you simply do nothing on the infotainment, make sure that the carlinkit does not restart constantly during this time - you can see this from the LED, which should be constantly red or green), open the browser on the iphone and enter IP -Enter the address of the carlinkit (, there on settings and on the top left on "Reset".
Then in the same dialog box at the bottom click "rollback" (for me it was a version from 07/2021).
5) the FW file will be downloaded, during the installation the carlinkit will flash red and green, eventually a dialog box will pop up when the upgrade is done.

During the upgrade process: Do not unplug anything, DO NOT turn off the ignition. It is best to leave the engine running (only takes a few minutes).
In the event of a power failure during the upgrade process, you can throw away the device.

Addendum on audio quality:

If you use an iPhone: the iPhone automatically sends a compressed format (ACC) with wireless carplay and nothing else comes via Apple Music. In this case, no reduction in audio quality is to be expected.
If you play high-quality MP3s from the iPhone (or use Spotify, where you can determine the quality yourself), you should use a wired connection - in this case there is no compression by the iPhone.

And one more thing about Bluetooth and Wifi: The audio quality is significantly better via Wifi (and that's what carlinkit uses - carplay via Bluetooth doesn't exist) than via Bluetooth (even if you use the audio profile there).

BTW, I bought from: (U2W Plus) Carlinkit 3.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Dongle for Wired CarPlay
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What car, year and model do you got?
Just found out that I didn't write the model and year. 2021 IS
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Just found out that I didn't write the model and year. 2021 IS
Welcome! Share some photos of your ride when you can
Good luck, and again, thanks for trying this out. Wireless Carplay solution, at that price, would be exciting.
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