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Information on the 2008 Lexus IS F?

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I have been interested in the Lexus IS model for quite some time and can't decide it I want the new 2009 Nissan Maxima or a 2008 or 2009 Lexus IS F. I know there is a price difference between the two, I am not concerned about that. I am also not interested in gas mileage. I would like to hear any and all opinions on the cars. The best answer will go to whoever has the best reason for choosing one over the other. I am just asking for others opinions. For those who are curious the Lexus will be white if I get it and the Maxima will be black if I get it. Both will be fully loaded either way. I know that the Lexus IS F is going to be way faster. Just let me know why you think one would be better than the other. That's all. I just want an optside opinion to help me decide which I want. Thanks to everyone who takes the time out to help me out!
Update: Also, this car will be for fun. It isn't my main car so that is why gas isn't an issue. We have an 06 Hyundai Sonata for our main car. It isn't a Prius but it's not bad on gas for being a V6.
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The isf is in a different league than the Maxima. If you get the isf make sure the recalls have been done. There are a few on my 08. It's a great car and the best car I've owned.
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