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In need of assisstance w/purchase

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Hey guys I'm new to the forum, but I've been reading up on the forum. It will also be my first time purchasing a vehicle. I was wondering if you can give me a few pointers on what I need to know and whether or not I'm getting a good deal. I was on and finish filling out "get dealer quote," immediately I get chain of 5-6 phone calls. A dealer gave me a pricing for a fully loaded is-f for 61,501 tax not included, there was a red/black and a silver/black in stock. But, those weren't the color that I wanted. The colors that I'm debating on still are the Ultrasonic blue and the Smoky granite. Fully loaded sounds nice and all, but i don't think i really need extra stuff. Only thing I don't mind having is the wheel lock and the rearview camera and possibly the i-pod kit. I've seen the vehicle in person, but i have yet to test drive one. Btw, I'm from NJ and really close to NY. Sorry for posting such a noobish post. It's my first time and I really want to get the IS-f but i just don't know what questions to ask and what seems to be a good deal or not.
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Hello, I bought a Smokey Granite IS F today! I had an amazing experience yesterday! I happened to be at the dealership when the demo car was set-up to show the sales staff. It was the end of the day so the engineers broke a few rules and let me do the 1/4 speed test (on the platform). It was fantastic!! I beat the computer and got to feel 120 mpr. What a sweet ride!! I bought a loaded IS F today. The car is fantastic at racetrack speeds but just as nice driving locally. And, let's face it, most of us don't get to drive 120 very often. So the smooth ride at 60 is important. I got a small discount off sticker because I was buying 2 different cars on the same day. But, don't be shy about paying sticker; the car is worth it! :cool:
The reason why the IS-F are still sitting at the show room is most likely the vehicle is not being advertised as much. I haven't seen any billboards in NY and NJ about it and also TV and Radio Stations haven't even mention a thing about it. I believe that's probably one of the flaws in Lexus marketing department. On the other hand the vehicle is also the first generation so it may be hard for it to actually attract buyers as compare to the bmw m3 they have had a good reputation for that specific model. Another thing would be the cost and as others mention the gas prices isn't really helping out with the sales. In july we'll be starting to see gas prices hitting up to 6 bucks a gallon. As for me I'm a car enthusiast and the IS-F i will surely get, but it's also depending on the size of my bank account and long run for the gas prices + maintenance fee. Andy i'll message you later on after i've done some more research.
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