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In need of assisstance w/purchase

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Hey guys I'm new to the forum, but I've been reading up on the forum. It will also be my first time purchasing a vehicle. I was wondering if you can give me a few pointers on what I need to know and whether or not I'm getting a good deal. I was on and finish filling out "get dealer quote," immediately I get chain of 5-6 phone calls. A dealer gave me a pricing for a fully loaded is-f for 61,501 tax not included, there was a red/black and a silver/black in stock. But, those weren't the color that I wanted. The colors that I'm debating on still are the Ultrasonic blue and the Smoky granite. Fully loaded sounds nice and all, but i don't think i really need extra stuff. Only thing I don't mind having is the wheel lock and the rearview camera and possibly the i-pod kit. I've seen the vehicle in person, but i have yet to test drive one. Btw, I'm from NJ and really close to NY. Sorry for posting such a noobish post. It's my first time and I really want to get the IS-f but i just don't know what questions to ask and what seems to be a good deal or not.
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Personally I have and like the Smokey Granite, it has tiny blue paint chips in the paint and is dark enough to be low key.To me any other color besides black will catch the cops eye.Black is nice but for me Granite looks the best,plus the wheels match the color the better.Good luck

Welcome to the site !!!
Purchasing a vehicle can be a little stressful, but if you find the right people to deal with, then you should be ok. As far as pricing on the IS-F's, I really don't know anyone that is discounting them in general.

I do have a Smokey Granite with Mark Levinson, Navigation, Headlamp Washers, and the IPOD Interface in stock !!
I can even help you with shipping if you want me to. Or, I can pick you up from the local airport and help you get back home. If you would like any other information, please let me know !!!

Good Luck
It's a shame your not in South Jersey cause I'm not far from there.
I also heard that it is possible to get a discount if you purchased a vehicle from the same dealer before. I'm leaning towards more on the Smokey granite because it will blend with the carbon fiber hood that i plan to put on in the future. Also champ mentioned to me before about what kind of amenities that these dealers offer too.
Andy is a great guy to talk to and order from should you choose to go that route. You'll be taken care of! ;)
There was this one dealer that told me he's all the way from Larchmont, NY and i said okay. He was telling me that im from jersey and he's from ny. He made it seem like that was an issue to me. I told him as long as the price is right the distance doesn't matter much. Magic like i said to this other dealer price is right distance will not be an issue. UUmmm let me refine my words a bit distance as in within Jersey and NY
Yeah Andy has been a really great help to everyone and i've seen his replies to many post. They were all helpful.
Thanks For the Kind Words Everyone !!! Like I said before, I will "help" with shipping the car to you if you want me to....

If you want to fly out here, learn the features of your car, and take a drive back in yuor new IS-F, I can make that happen !!!
I have smokey granite IS F and it blends with the wheels. I have had many other IS F owners comment that it's probably the best combo with the wheels. I love the ultrasonic blue but in many ways it reminds me of 15 years ago when I chopped up my Honda into a "fast and furious" car. Nice color but screaming look at me!!. I don't think you can go wrong either way, it just depends on how much you want a speeding ticket color vs. a sleeper color.
I don't think you can go wrong either way, it just depends on how much you want a speeding ticket color vs. a sleeper color.

I agree 100% !!!
My favorite however is the Starfire Pearl !!
There really isn't a wrong color for this car..... You just have to take into account what you like and don't worry about what others think of you car color. As for me, I like the lighter colors, since I live in Florida. My choice was easy, at the time I was looking there was a mercury metallic (silver) available.
I have found that over the years of owning many vehicles, a silver metallic color has been the easiest to maintain. It can have a light cost of dust, fallout, water spots etc. and can hardly be detected. That is the benefit of this color over others. Also, white is a great color . As for the darker colors, you will always be attending to each and every reflection that is prone to attract your eye. Black is beautiful when clean, however that lasts for approximately 5 minutes before you notice particles beginning to adhere to that glossy surface. Enjoy the ride!
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The fact that there are ISF's sitting on showroom floors has me a bit concerned. When I bought mine it had been sitting at the dealership for at least 3 weeks. There were a couple more in San Antonio and more still in Houston.

The M3 by comparison cannot, for the most part, be purchased the day you walk into the dealership. You put down your money and wait 4 months.

I worry that this model may never really catch on and that my $62,000 car might only fetch half that when I grow tired of it in a couple of years. The M3would certainly have been the safer purchase in terms of not taking it in the shorts come time to sell.
Tomster, vehicle's are never a good investment period. Once in a while, you get a true classic vehicle that will hold and grow in value, but that's few and far in between. The biggest reason the vehicle is sitting at some dealership is the economy and gas prices.

One a side note, I have not had a IS-F sit at my store for more than 10 days period. Matter of fact, last night I delivered the StarFire Pearl !!!
ISFChamp, Having bought and sold automobiles for 35 years I understand that cars are not an investment. That said, I've been lucky enough to get into and out of most every car I've purchased for little more than the payments that I made while owning.....I've never been underwater when selling the old to buy a new. With my first model year S2000 I was able to drive it for 10 months and sell for slightly more than I paid for it.

I think the fact that the ISF sits at some dealerships goes beyond the economy and gas prices. There does not seem to be a buzz about this car. Be it insufficient advertising or Lexus' lack of performance pedigree, something has kept it from being a must-have. The fact that no car has sat in your showroom for more than 10 days, in a city of some 4 million, with cars trickling in at perhaps 5 a month is hardly encouraging. Again, the M3 is back-ordered nationwide, as is the Audi S5. Supercharged Jaguar XF's never last more than a day here in Austin. All of these cars cost about the same and all get the same dismal gas mileage.

Sounds like I'm trolling I suppose. It is not my intention. I love my ISF. I would just feel better if I knew that everyone else in this market loved and desired it as well. Would hate to have to cut a $25,000 check to get out of it in 2 years.
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Just the other day you were saying that you were the hit of the valet stand.

Our IS-F's barely hit the showroom floor before they are sold. There is a buzz about these cars but there are very few of us who can actually afford a vehicle that is not extremely practical and costs $61,000. The M3 is tried and true and has the benefit of a following that has been dreaming of owning one since they were 16 years old. The IS-F is brand new and believe me, there are a lot of IS owners out there that aspire to own the IS-F "oneday".

I absolutely love my IS-F and I get complements on the car at least once a day from strangers in parking lots.

Sorry for the rant but sometimes we Lexus owners can become so practical that it takes the fun away. The car is an amazing car and you are fortunate to have the means to own one. So go out and enjoy the vehicle and make the most of it. The rest will work itself out.
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You never have to worry about bad depreciation with this car, as long as its in great condition and not beaten of course.That's why there's only 3000 per year made!! It's for the true Lexus purists!!!
Yea, I agree the car should do just fine. You didn't hear Lexus writing off $372 billion in lease end vehicle's sold at the auction because they inflated the Residual values !!!

You'll be fine when your "tired" of it....

So have you bought a car yet? I have that Smokey Granite one sitting here, even has the Factory Ipod Interface...
I appreciate the feedback. Sorry if the accountant in me takes over from time to time. As I said, I love the car. I might have expected a few more panties thrown my direction but that's okay.....its still early.
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