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Important Questions about Lexues ISF>>>

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Hello every one :)

I'm am new member ^_________^

i have some important questions about lexues isf and i hope that i get help here>>>

I'm from United Arab emirates and as you know our country is ver hot and the tempreture here around 45 till 50 c in summer..:eek:

my questions are:-

- am thinking of buying an lexues isf 2008,2009 from U.S , which is the best place to get this car in U.S..

- where can i find the best prices for Lexues isf 2008,2009..

thank you very much :)
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A quick search on should help you find ISF's for sale throughout the U.S.
the internet
The IS-F will do fine in your heat. Its been 114+ for 2 months in Texas.
Welcome to the forum.

I agree that you need to check the websites already listed by the other members, but also check
thanks to @ll of you :)

I will check the website that been listed

uhhhhh, I would suggest you check this site under classifieds.
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