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[Important] I need the collective help of the ISF community, please help.

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[Cliff's notes]: engine problem in carefully maintained, babied ISF, Dealer claims damage from "racing and over revs". Help me show them these problems are NOT uncommon.

I have a 2008 ISF with a low VIN number, it was one of the early cars in the US delivered in Feb 2008. Like many here I have experienced the cars alignment pulling/drifting to the right. This was only fixed by several attempts by the Lexus dealer and shared experience from the community here that it is a VERY common problem with early ISF. The verdict was the subframe was not properly aligned at the factory. Once aligned it drives perfectly.

My car has also exhibited the engine knocking noise at idle as a few other cars here have exhibited. This has been documented by descriptions and videos on YouTube. After repeat visits to the dealer and the support of other members here that have had the dealer make a repair I convinced my dealer to look further into the issue. They pulled the engine out of the car, completely disassembled it and have found a number of problems.

The dealer (supposedly backed by the factory rep) has determined the damage to the engine is from over reving, redlining, and racing. NONE of these things have EVER been done to his car. They have gone so far as to claim my alignment problem/pulling right is due to "excessive corner loads" from racing on the track or hitting something (the car has NO damage, no parts replaced).

They are full of it. Based on their observations, they/Lexus are choosing to repair, rather than replace engine parts for a fix, free of charge under warranty, however they are not looking at replacement parts as others on this forum have received for the same problem (block, heads).

They have pointed to NO external evidence that the car has been abused. To my knowledge they have not scanned the ECU for redline/over revs # and time. They show NO signs of over heating, blueing of the exhaust, over heating/warping/cracking of the brakes, etc. etc.

I have nothing to hide as the facts are that the car has NOT been abused but I am being pushed around by Lexus with their accusations that I have abused the car. ALL service has been completed by the dealer (including oil changes at 5K with Mobil 1).

What I need:
Please provide me with you screen name, real name, car VIN and if you had the alignment problem, and or the engine knocking noise. According to Lexus, these issues do not exist. Please provide this in PM for privacy issues. Afterwards I will provide the feedback NUMBERS not calling out individual cars or owners.

I am now retaining legal council to represent me in further discussions with Lexus.

Thank you for your Help! Someday any of you other owners my end up in my situation, Lexus part fails and they go to blame the owner. Help me protect myself and you for the future. I am 40 years old, my ISF has 2 car seats in it. I do not race this car (with 2 kids, where would I have the time/money to even do it?)

Please PM or email to ucrazykid [at] yahoo [dot] com

Admin: is it possible to make this a sticky as it pertains to many of us?

I am also looking for a good attorney that would have experience in litigation with dealers/manufactures in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Please keep us updated on this...sounds like a huge load of crap from this dealership
sorry to hear that, So what "they" are saying in a nut shell is that the ISF is not race/track worthy?
sorry to hear that, So what "they" are saying in a nut shell is that the ISF is not race/track worthy?
I can't even say that as speaking from ONLY my experience this car has NEVER seen the track and it has problems that Lexus says can only come from hard driving.

I attended a Lexus sponsored track day event with the ISF where I was driven around the track in an ISF they provided by a professional driver. By their accounts ALL the cars that they provide for this track day should be deemed abused.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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