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Ideal Temp for PS2 Tires?

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Hi I hope this is not a dumb question. Do the PS2 tires have an ideal operating temperature? The area I live in stays relatively wet & cool even in the summer w/ temp around 70s to 80s most of the time and might break 90F for a couple weeks only. Is that too cool for the PS2?

Please don't laugh. A few yrs back I tried to buy Toyo T1R for my current car but 2 separate stores told me not to waste my money & persuaded me to just go for the Proxes4 instead. The guys said with the climate we have, the T1Rs will never warm up enough to make them worthwhile.

Does this make any sense?

That said. I had Michelin XGTV summers way back when and thought that performed pretty well on my car.
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i have these tiers in 275/30 and i think its anything higher then 50 degress they work better at higher temps
but buy the way i think these are the best tiers to buy i have these and been through alot of tiers. i think these are one of the better ones
Thanks Jack! The PS2 my local dealer has on the demo F looked pretty beat up at about 2k miles. I think they had it on the demo since new & never swapped in any 18" winters, so I wasn't sure if the cooler (20F to 60F in last few months I suppose) temp wore out the tire compound sooner than it should...
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