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I-Phone and the IS F

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cant get my phone book to transfer to the car, anyone out there have an I-Phone? keeps saying transfer failed, ive entered a few in manually for now and they work. any help would be great! :(
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i have a IS-F and a i-phone but i have a '10 IS-F and it's different navagation so im not sure aand i had my dealer do it for me.
what year is your is f? i have an iPhone and after a couple of tries I got mine to work
i have an 08, i tried it a few times but it just says tranfer failed
I have an '08 and an I Phone, no problems.
I have an 08 that says it failed too guess I'll keep trying?
i have a iphone 3g not 3gs and a 08 and i cant get mine to sync data

thats a normal issue tho

it may matter if u have a 3g or 3gs
I have the 3Gs I was looking online and it says that it doesnt have the ability to transfer contacts over bluetooth because apple disabled it.
It was/is challenging to transfer contacts from almost any phone for that matter in the 08/09 IS-F (all IS's) with the GEN5 Nav system. It's best to manually enter your most frequently used contacts into the car. The Gen 6 Nav system in the 2010 IS's transfers the contacts much better in my experience.
does gen 5 and 6 refer to software or hardware?

just wondering if we 08 09s can upgrade
ok, ill just go ahead and enter them manually, silly huh! wonder why apple did that?
My understanding is that the iPhone does not support the right data transfer Bluetooth protocol. If you search on here, you'll see several threads on the issue and I don't think anyone has been able to transfer contacts from an iPhone, at least for pre-2010 cars.

I just find times when I have to spend a few minutes waiting in the car for some reason and spend that time inputting numbers into the car's phone book (and training the voice dial).
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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