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I Just picked up the Fall issue of 0-60 magazine

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The magazine picked up a black ISF project car, looks very interesting they sent out for carbon fiber copies of fenders plus hood.Tein coilover kit and best of all installed custom greddy stacked exhaust with titanium tips, it looks very promising!
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Say what?!! The link was the only thing I could find, do you have another link or more info? This is very interesting, especially about the greddy exhaust :)
I just picked it up from the local barnes & noble store. The best part is the photo of the greddy exhaust. I cant find anything online about it, good luck picking up a copy. I will try to scan copy tomorow, I only have bl and white scanner though.
quote from mag" It's a completely custom steel one-off for the time being. the secondary cats have been removed, and the dual piping to the rear now measures 70mm in diameter. it then splits into 4 60mm pipes that form a quad exit replacing lexus' fake out. the exhaust tips measure 115 mm in diameter and are titanium coated fo some added style points"
Sounds like it could be interesting and well built, I'm also anxious to see if they actually release it :)
dont go changeing

man i just love the stock sound and would not mess with it. whats up cls 55 call me
I have a feeling that the term "one off" is going to come up often when discussing the after market and the IS-F! We are already into the second production year for the car, and we can't even get a catback exhaust.:(
Very anxious to see what up with what they going to do!!
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