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I have custom exhaust

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Title says it all...I have a friend that owns a custom exhaust shop mostly for race cars or street/strip cars...I said lets do this and he said ok...a short time later we had 2.5" all the way through from the headers back into a custom X pipe, out into Dynamax Ultraflow mufflers...(had them on many of my mustangs)....and the results:

Sounds like my "F" is pissed off when I lay into it...noticable difference in performace and at a much nicer price....just thought I would share...anyone interested in new york...just ask. Will try to get a sound clip shortly
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Link it thru Youtube with Dyno..
Does the exhaust keep the cats or do away with them?
No sounds great, performs great, but at worst i bolt it back on for an inspection...His shop also does inspections :D
Cool..!! Welcome to the Club!!! :)

^^ Lou, should I show him mine..!!?? :p

Joe Z
Where in New York? I'm a little bit interested.

Did he change the quad tips or are those as they were stock?
Could he fabricated some real quad tips?
i am interested. Where in NY? Prefer to keep the cats though.
I'm located in bellmore, he is located in Baldwin....the stock tips are there, the exhaust ends just like stock...he can do anything you want as far as custom long as it is possible...if any of you long island members want a listen I have no problem meeting's always nice to hear something before you buy in person if possible.
I am in Long Beach. Let me know whens good to meet up. Tuesday not good for me.
wat do u guys think of the Borla exhaust Stainless Steel Cat-Back + "X" pipe ??
ty, been reading up about which exhaust system is best so finally joined.
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