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Don't hate the cops, just the system. We're a lot better off with them than without.
True, most police aren't fact, I greatly appreciate all they do for the community. It is the system that SUCKS!!! Laws are created for a specific reason...I'm assuming speed limits are created for safety purposes. Unfortunately, most areas enforce speed limits only to bolster their income, not in a manner that fits the original "INTENT" of the law.

In my opinion, stretches of road and/or intersections that are historically dangerous should have cops sitting around enforcing the law to a T. In areas that are not historically dangerous, they shouldn't pull people over for speeding...period!!! I don't care if there is a convenient pulloff to catch people in a certain area...if there aren't many accidents in that area, get the F#$% out.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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