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Ipod and Satallite Radio--Beware!

Congrats !!! Not sure if you ordered the Ipod Interface from the factory, but if you did AND you want to add sat radio, it will not work !! You would have to get a aftermarket (dealer installed) Ipod interface that would allow you to have both.
QUOTE=Bulls23337;2121]Thanks Andy! I didn't order either. Hmm...I wonder if I should lol.[/QUOTE]

Well, my ISF was ordered with the Ipod interface minus the option for the satellite radio.... I had a Sirius radio installed by the dealer. This is a more complex procedure than even Lexus had anticipated. The factory Ipod cord that plugs into the ipod could not be used and had to be replaced with another type of aftermarket hookup wire and also a sirius interface and tuner were installed. It all works flawlessly now thru the radio.
Beware, this was expensive to convert around $1000.00, ie. parts, labor and materials including shop supplies and the normal add ons. Be sure to get an exact quote prior to the job being started. I was informed that the factory wire which plugs into the ipod could not be used and was charged for another aftermarket cord that was compatible. Initally I was quoted between $500 and $600. Complaining didn't help much! Oh Well.....
Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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