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I am ready for an exhaust

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I have an 08 F about 11,000k and i finally think im ready for an exhaust? Not lookin to spend over 1700. What do you guys feel the best one is so far?
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That is a question that depends on what your definitonof "best" is. Sound? Noise level? HP? Price? I'm sure you will get a lot of biased opinions here.

For my opinon I am partial to the JoeZ. FIG has a Ti exhaust available too that I would be interested in.

Good luck with your search
I def want the best hp I can get. And I'm sure the sound will be better then our stock. I was always told by Lexus guys that our cars were made quiet because we are luxury vehicles. But I am open to all options.
Forgot...GReddy is getting ready to release one too.
I would start with headers . You can also go with the true dual exhaust. I'm very happy with mine. Compared to Joe Z the difference is marginal. And the Headers rock!
there is a group buy for headers on CL, if one more person commits to buy they will only cost $1119 delivered
That Group Buy would be for PPE Headers. My thread on them is here:

PM me for more info on the Group Buy, it will be ending this week:eek:

ddcruise.... You should definitely look into getting a set of these headers. It's at a GREAT price and they are the biggest bolt on gain you can do on your ISF. Especially considering that you can buy these and get them installed for around the same price you can pick up a $1700 exhaust plus shipping... And you will get close to double the gains over an exhaust. I'm just saying this is definitely the way to go if you are wanting power. I'm not sure about the sound but I'd imagine it could only improve. The Group Buy ends soon. You need to get in on this if you are wanting to do headers. My deposit is placed! =-) Do It!!!! ;-)
Hijackers. Like crazy!!! But I do agree that headers are probably a better place to start.
:D I tried to be subtle
:D I tried to be subtle
I know, I wasn't complaining, just thought it was funny.:p It is a good point.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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