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Hypothetical Question

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If someone REALLY wanted to make their Is-350 into an F why couldnt they just-

1. Strip the car to bare metal

2. Take all the electronic BS out.

3. Buy AC systems, headlights/taillight ect. stuff from something cheap like a corolla(or make a PCb if their really nerdy)

4. Run a eingine with an EMS

5. have an Is-F?

I've been reading about people who want their Is-350 to be swapped with something and they say the electronics get in the way but why not just rip the electronics out? Just wondering.
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Assuming the intent is to use the engine and transmission, you would be better off doing the opposite and retain the electronics from the ISF donor car. Then salvage the front and rear subframes, drive shaft, diff, knuckles, suspension, control arms/links. Also, the F has a stronger body, that would be harder to duplicate.

In short, have both the IS350 and donor ISF in the same shop and disassemble them together, noting the differences and make the required modifications. Then publish a book, raid local junk yards to piece together kits, and take your shady enterprise to ebay/club lexus. :)
... and take your shady enterprise to ebay/club lexus. :)
To recover about half of your loss.:(
It dosen't have to have the Is-F's eingine, just a V8. I was just wondering some guys on other fourms were talking about swaps and stuff and said it drives but nothing else works on it and I was just wondering why not take the climate control, window system ect. from a cheaper car and put it in the 350?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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