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They (UK) must have forgotten about the Toyota FT-HS which was unveiled in Detroit this year along with the LF-A v.2 and IS-F.
Yep - this news article is kind of confusing... Not sure if they are talking about the LF-A or IS-F being available as a hybrid. It would be VERY cool if the LF-A included hybrid technology.

All of the hybrid versions of their other product lines have better performance (0-60) than the "Standard version" - not just gas milage: i.e. Hybrid GS (5.2 sec) vs regular GS (5.7sec), the 400h(6.9 sec) (my wife has one of these) vs 330 (7.4 sec), etc. All 0-60 times are all better with the hybrid versions - the extra power makes up for the extra weight.

I've heard complaints that people want a sports car to "sound" like one - Franlkly anyone who's sat in a ferrari or lambergini before knows they are just plain loud - if I can get the same performance and keep my hearing intact at the same time, that's a big plus :)
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