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HRE 590r's

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Im thinking about putting HRE 590r's on my F. Blacke Matte Finish with the ultrasonic blue lip. What do you guys think?
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What size are you thinking about? 19's or 20's? I think they'd look really good
I'm not sure yet.. I've been asking around and people have been telling me that i should probably go with 20's in the back and 19's in the front.
I would honestly put iForged wheels on your car. They are about half the price, the same quality seriously. I use to be an only HRE guy and switched over to iForged in 2001. Never had an issue with them and they know all the fitments.

I ran a 20x9.5 with a 255/35/20 on the front of my IS F and the handling is amazing! That is what you can do stock. Now I beefed up the rear by adding a custom 4 inch flare so I could put a 20x11.5 on the rear with a 305/30/20 Toyo.

Tell you what brother, you go with iForged you will NEVER consider doing another wheel on your car!

Here is there site if you have never been there before.
^^Iforged does make some sick wheels. Don't they do custom fits as well?
What is the weight on these compared to OEM?
Are you asking about the IForged or HRE's Dave?
iforged wheels are awesome... i would go with them over the hres as well... cheaper and just as nice
Are you asking about the IForged or HRE's Dave?
Actually I wouldn't mind knowing both.:)
I like to call them I-Forgery. They make nice designs but majority of them are copies from HRE and others. The wheel barrels are made in China. They're made at the same place that DPE and a few other wheel brands are made.

Have any of you guys heard anything about the new Nitto INVO? They are getting good reviews and they make sizes for the F. I was thinking of these or the new Toyo.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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