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How to ship wheel and tires?

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I have someone interested in buying my wheels and tires. And they are all mounted and ready to go. How do I package them so they won't get damaged? Do I need to buy some special box? What are the dimensions? What should the weight be? I am sending G-spyders 18x8 times 4 with Michelin Alpin winter tires.
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The easiest things to do is cut out cardboard that goes over both sides of the wheel, then use bubble wrap to cover the entire tire and wheel and tape it all up. This is the cheapest most efficient method. Or you can pay ups for a crazy huge box that will run you around $17 a box. lol Hope that helped.
Back in 2003, I was in the same boat you were in. I was upgrading the wheels on my G35 Coupe to Nismo wheels. I was buying the tires for my new wheels from Discount Tire in Tucson. I had done a lot of business with them, and had made friends with the AM at the store I was getting my new tires from. I told him of my plight, and he offered to ship the wheels and tires for me. I jumped at the chance. They only charged me $80.00 to pack and ship my old wheels, and I got a great deal on my new tires. I did not buy my new wheels from them. My old wheels and tires arrived at their destination in perfect condition. You may want to try this.

If you ever ordered a set of wheels online...for ex. Tire Rack...they simply cover both sides of the wheel with a round cardboard then wrapped securely with plastic straps (dunno the correct terminology)...the tire themselves are strong enough to survive the shipment.

Hope this helps...g'luck!
Cool idea's, thanks! So for me to estimate shipping costs, what dims are we talking about for a 18 x 8 wheel plus tire? (plus bubble wrap). So when I go to the website, what dims and weight am I looking at?
Just box them up and ship them at a UPS store or the post office. I ship aquarium products all the time and they arrive no problem so wheels and tires wont have a problem at all. good luck
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