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How old are IS F buyers out there?

How old are IS-F Drivers/Buyers?

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Its a silly thread but just wondering how old is everyone here to see what age group is driving the IS-F. I turned 21 this year but dont have one Yet. Waiting to sell my Celica and my dads approval. 90% yes right now.
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I'm 70. Cars I have owned (not counting my wife's or my trucks)

1950 Mercury Coupe
1954 Mercury Monterey Coupe
1962 Mercury S33
1964 Pontiac Tempest Coupe
1967 Pontiac GTO
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
1971 Pontiac GTO
1976 Pontiac TransAm
1985 Porsche 944
1993 Lexus SC300
2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe
2008 Lexus IS-F

That's my trip through Memory Lane.


Lou, 48 here. My list, including my trucks but not my wife's cars and in order of purchase (I've lived in Japan and the UK twice each):

1968 Ford Mustang
1978 Triumph Spitfire
1974 Nova SS
1980ish Datsun something or other (Japan)
1986 Mazda 323 (UK)
1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
1990 Mitsubishi Colt (Japan)
1998 Dodge Dakota
1995 Mitsubishi Montero
2002 Toyota Tacoma
1999 Subaru Legacy (UK)
2004 Land Rover Discovery (UK)
2006 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited (still have)
2008 Lexus IS-F
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