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How old are IS F buyers out there?

How old are IS-F Drivers/Buyers?

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Its a silly thread but just wondering how old is everyone here to see what age group is driving the IS-F. I turned 21 this year but dont have one Yet. Waiting to sell my Celica and my dads approval. 90% yes right now.
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tcelicargtsd If you think that the 68 year old is going to have a heart attack, you must not remember Paul Neuman racing at Daytona. I watched him several times and he could outdrive many younger ones. By the way, I am 73 and just picked my new black IS-F yesterday. I guess I'm going to have a heart attack and a stroke. You're only as young as you feel!!

Oldtimer, I agree with you. You have me by about 3 years. I will be 70 on Jan 1. I enjoy my F thoroughly. I have had many fast cars, the first was a '57 Olds Super 88 with the J-2 setup (3-2bbl carbs). My wife is not the preverbial "Little ole Lady from Pasadena" she likes fast cars too. She has had three Trans Ams (1986 TA, 1987 GTA and 1995 TA Conv). She now has a twin turbo BMW 335i convertable.
Far from slow. Having a car like the F keeps you alert, especially constantly watching for police and monitoring the V-1.
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