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How old are IS F buyers out there?

How old are IS-F Drivers/Buyers?

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Its a silly thread but just wondering how old is everyone here to see what age group is driving the IS-F. I turned 21 this year but dont have one Yet. Waiting to sell my Celica and my dads approval. 90% yes right now.
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i'm 20 and bought my F in cash

started working when i was 11 and saved up for a different car
also google stocks helped, bought shares at $100 each and sold at around $700 each
also a big LOL to that..... you cant even have a ssn or sin when you are 11.
Actually i worked at my parents business. I played those stocks competitions in middle school and high school, and when i was confident enough i bought real stocks in my sophmore year.

You might think this is bs but i used my own money. I'm indian, my parents wouldn't buy me a car like this. Instead they recommended me buying a Rav4.
I forgot to add, you can use at 13 but you need a custodian over 21.
1 - 3 of 100 Posts
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