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I'm hitting 32 in May 09 but during the time I purchased the F around 03/31/08 my Insurance company State Farm DID NOT know that F was High Performance car so they were charging me 675.00 every 6 months but after they found out that the F is a Beast now they went from 675.00 to 925.00 and finally 1225.00..
Crazy right? I'm in the process of changing over to Geico to their cheaper rate and yes I own multiple cars as well..Although I admit that my agent told me that switching the previous cars I have to Geico was the main reason why the rate on the F went up dramatically but still 1200?:eek: Kinda Steep no? I admit that I get a ticket once every 2 years or so but still..ouch!!
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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