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the best thing about the F is that for the most part only the people who appreciate cars recognize it for what it is, otherwise it is just another IS on the road.

i had the car for about a year now, and i have found it mostly flies under the radar, which is fine for me. i had a couple of NYC highway motorcycle cops flag me and ask how many gears it has, but otherwise the heat never takes notice. and i pretty much drive it like i stole it on a daily basis.

many people often drive along side and voice their appreciation, always feels good. still can't believe how many G35/37's and evo's try to pick a fight, only to be taught a painful lesson...will i ever grow up?

but my favorite is the porsche. does everyone who buys a porche automatically think they are the king of the road? it makes me very happy everytime i bury a base 911 or boxster, and when you can stand your own against a carrera 4S and watch the shock on the guy's face when they look over and you say "hey, i'm still here!" , followed by good bye!

having said that, respect the porsche turbos, many vettes, AMG's, etc. most M3's i have seen know what the F is about and show their respect, pretty evenly matched. none of the Audi S' I have run against even came close.

sorry about the tangent. to answer your original question, the F doesn't get much attention unless you want it to, then it gets plenty, that's for sure!
Funny you should mention the Porsches. I test drove a 2007 Cayman S and a 2005 Carrera S this weekend. What beauties. Before I went I was pretty excited that I could finally afford these cars (albeit used ones) and was willing to trade the IS F for one if my expectations were met. But the Porsches were SO SLOW! Fun to drive, sure, but very hard to justify considering the lack of torque and the awful Bose stereos. I was really disappointed. We went to the Chevy dealer afterward and were more impressed by the Corvette and Camaro. (I ordered a Camaro. The Corvette's interior was atrocious.)
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