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How Much Attention Does the IS-F Get on the Road?

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Just curious about whether the car blends in with everything else or whether people notice the car? If it get's noticed, is it good atttention or negative attention.
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Most of the people that look at my car just admire it. I don't get a lot of rice racers doing much but look just to say it looks good. Most people are still in the dark about the F. I even have IS350 owners asking what it is . I haven't had any negative attention because, IMO it is pretty subtle when you are just cruising. My car is white with 35% tint. Nothing else done to the exterior...yet. My plan is to lower the car a little, and maybe install the Lexon front lip. I like the look of the car as is. It also depends on the color. White is one of those that looks classy. I think the Blue is an extremely hot color, but it draws more attention.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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