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How many 2008 ISF made?

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Does anybody know the number of ISF's made in 2008. How many they are going to make in 2009?

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I haven' head about 2009 number yet.
With the economy in it's current state, it's most likely that Lexus will not produce as many IS F's for 2009 as they did for 2008. There were 4828 IS F's made for the world for 2008. That included the hand build pre-production ones as well. 2,733 IS F's were sent to the USA.
I heard only 150 ISF's were sent to the UK for 2008.
I agree with Flipside. With the economy the way it is, I would be surprised if they built half that number for 09, especially since they are having so much trouble moving the 08's. The 09's are hardly out at dealerships yet as many still have 3 or more 08 F's waiting. I guess we will wait and see what they plan to produce for 09 :cool:
ya, the only reason i got an 09 was becasue it was ordered directly from lexus through my cousin who works for the lexus corporate office... i originally ordered it back in june and got it end of september. haven't seen an 09 at the dealership yet... went looking with a friend of mine and the three places we went to all only had the 08s... probably not taking delivery of the 09 until they unload the 08 first... you can get a pretty sweet deal on an 08 now though
Longo is the only one I know with a 09 in Ultrasonic Blue on their showroom floor. They sold their first 09 IS F to me, but it was special ordered through Lexus HQ.
I see the last o8 has VIN 4828. Does anyone here have it? I have 4822. Any higher?
I see the last o8 has VIN 4828. Does anyone here have it? I have 4822. Any higher?
1859 here. :)
Mine is No. 4420. From what I think I know about my F. It was built in July and put on the boat on August 18th. So, if I'm 408 away from the last '08s, it appears that a good portion of the '08 build was assembled toward the end of the model year.

Yeah that is correct. As with most of the Lexus line...including Toyota and Scion, the last of the model year is built in July as the 2009's are historically rolled out at the end of August, beginning of September. My 07 GS that I had prior to my F was built in July 2007 but I purchased it (August 2007) right before the 2008 GS' arrived to the dealers.
I see the last o8 has VIN 4828. Does anyone here have it? I have 4822. Any higher?
Mine is 5786....but it's an 09. :)
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