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C&D did a test on this months ago and was successful in stopping the vehicles at wot from 70mph in about 10 feet more than what it would take under no WOT situation. Well except for the new Shelby GT500. They almost couldn't stop it due to the torque, and that my friends is the difference in this whole ordeal. A Prius has NO Torque and neither does a Camrey or anything else other than an IS-F and a couple fo the trucks. So being able to stop any of the Toyota's would be a piece of cake even if you were only standing on the brakes. I just do not get the medias BS on the Toyota issue? Its just going to be a free for all for the scumbags who want to get rich quick, like the A$$wipe in California and his Prius! Can you say LOSER!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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