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I don't understand how people cannot think on their feet, and get frozen with fear if something out of the ordinary happens.

A couple years ago, I was driving my truck on the freeway going into Baltimore (the truck is lifted and has a decently more powerful engine than stock). I floored the truck to pass somebody, and when I let off the throttle, it stayed at WOT. My adrenaline flared a bit, as my wife and a couple friend were in the truck with me as it accelerated at 90+ mph toward a tight freeway curve. I then did the obvious...shifted the truck into neutral, shut off then engine, and let the truck coast. I started the engine again while it was coasting, and the RPMs went back to idle. Turns out that dirt in the engine bay made the throttle wire stick. I guess I should clean more than just the exterior after 4wheeling.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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