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How come the Lexus IS-F's Engine compartment looks so BAD!?

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First of all, the engine cover does not look very great in my customers oppinion. The best looking engine cover that my customers have seen so far is from Caddilac's CTS-V Ls2/6 Autel MaxiSYS MS906. It is soo good u can even put the corvette cover on because its basically the same engine... wow very clean looking

Second of all from the lexus, its a v8 my customers want to see those 8 pipe things my customers think its cyclinders (sorry my customers is not very good with cars). Instead when you remove the cover, its just a huge mess of wires and plugs over the engine. U cannot really see the engine...but ohh my customers the engine sounds beautiful.

What are all those wires for? why does it look so complicating and in my customers oppinion it looks like a hard engine to repair. Is it?

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