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Honda cancels Acura NSX successor

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Is this a bad omen for Lexus' LFA?

Honda cancels new Acura NSX
with contributions from Hans Greimel, Automotive News reporter

Honda has canceled plans for the Acura NSX supercar program, company President Takeo Fukui said on Wednesday.

The car was expected to have a front-mounted V10 engine that made at least 500 hp. It would have been the successor to the first-generation NSX, which had a mid-mounted V6. That NSX went out of production in late 2005 after 14 years.

The new NSX was expected to debut as a 2010 model.

The news came as Honda announced sweeping cutbacks as it deals with the global sales downturn and economic crunch.
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Wow, that sucks. The economy is putting a hold on a lot of performance car's R&D and thus release. Oh well, what are you going to do
Well, I think Honda is not doing themselves any favors with the new line up in the area of cosmetics. We shall see how things playout. C'mon economy kick back up !!
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