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Homelink: Right Button

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I was unable to program the right-hand Homelink button today to open a garage door. Neither the GDO remote control programming nor the rolling code programming were successful.

The left-hand and center buttons program correctly as described in the Owner Manual.

I have the original rear-view mirror with three buttons on the left underside.

Has anyone else had this bizarre issue?
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The Homelink firmware in the 2008 Lexus system is not completely compatible with Chamberlain's Security2+ remote transmitters.

This issue has been described elsewhere. Chamberlain updated their security firmware in 2011 (I think) and Homelink systems installed prior to that update are problematic.

I ordered the remote transmitter shown in the GDO User Manual ... LiftMaster 373LM ... and it programmed the GDOs, the Lexus Homelink buttons, and the rolling codes as described in the Lexus User Manual and GDO/Homelink websites correctly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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