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Hollow Suspension

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My ISF has about 8000 miles on the clock and I have noticed what I can only describe as a hollow sound when going over small potholes or uneven parts of the road. It does not happen over every bump and does not come from all four sides of the car.
I know the ISF has a fairly stiff ride....but....their is no noise from the other wheels/suspension......anybody else?????
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Thats the sound of your tires going over imperfections in the pavement. Think of taking a basketball and dribbling it or just slamming the palm of your hand on one.
Yup you got it right......oops no you did'nt...the sound does not come from all 4 corners...your theory is incorrect....maybe I'm not describing the noise enough....????
Perhaps you should be a little more descriptive on the sounds. Is it a light thud, a creaking noise or what?
So on the way home from work I tried really hard to pin point the it...hollow...I really cannot think of any other way to describe it...Try going over a you hear anything except for road noise?
Does it sound like a hollow thud or creak?
Thud....almost a vibrating thud
OK after putting up with it for too long I took it to the garage....Turns out they have ordered me a new front strut...all work under warranty...not sure why it failed but will let you all know.....
ISF does not have struts. Must have been a shock. Yours is the first failure that I have heard about.

Yup ...probably a sounds bad over the bumps...
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