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Hello everyone,

I have a brand spanking new set of HKS Hypermax M1 IS-F specific coil overs. The IS-F they were going on got in an accident during the 3 month wait to get these and was considered totaled. However the coil overs arrived regardless as they were special order from JAPAN and pre-paid. $$$

So if anyone needs them they are still sealed up in the box and ready to re-ship where ever they need to go. These are specific to the IS-F and I would not recommend running them on an IS-250/350 as the spring rates are not the same.

Price is $2000 and does not include shipping. Shipping would be calculated based on your actual address. Shipping time to most areas of the US is roughly 3 days by fed-ex ground.

Again these are BRAND SPANKING NEW and still in the box.

Contact me direct at [email protected] or call is fine too. 505-690-1995


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