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Anyone else running these on an IS-F?

Probably not I would imagine since I haven't seen any threads about them. Well the part number is the same for the IS-250 and 350, which tells me it should work just fine with the IS-F and is fully adjustable as well.

I just ordered a set in from HKS that we are going to install on one of our project IS'Fs while we wait for the HRE's to be built for it.

I have never been a fan of Tein's and so I will post back with some info and pics once we install them. I have always found Tein's to be noisy, rough, and and a fairly low end coil over option. However for the budget minded I spose' they are a bit cheaper.

The HKS retail at about $2295.00

Specifically designed for Luxury sports car performance.

Description straight from HKS's site:

Hipermax III CLX is the proof that luxury and performance need not be mutually exclusive. Designed for BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura and other premium brand automobiles, the CLX series Hiper Linear Piston combines smooth, quiet ride characteristics with enhanced handling capability and the ability to set precise ride height for reduced pitch and roll with the shock-body-length-adjustability feature (most applications). HKS' new reinforced rubber mounts provide unsurpassed insulation from road harshness, while thick, chrome plating on the cylinder shafts and standard dust boots provide excellent durability and longevity. Tuned specifically for challenging expansion joints, uneven pavement and the frost heaves of North American roads, Hipermax III CLX is possibly the single best upgrade you can offer your luxury performance automobile.

Key Features:
• Hiper Linear Piston – Linear progression piston adjusts oil passages for precise stroke management resulting in smoother valve movements. As piston speed increases, dampening rate linearly increases.
• Strengthened rubber upper mounts – enhanced durability
• Monotube design
• Shock-body length adjustable (most applications)
• 65mm diameter springs – Cold wound and manufactured in-house at HKS to ensure quality and consistency
• Lightweight Aluminum lock nut & ride height adjuster
• 30-way adjustable dampening
• Hard chrome-plated cylinder shaft
• Non-electrolysis Nickel plated shock bodies provide durability in severe weather conditions.
• Dustboots standard
• 1 year limited warranty

No I'm not listing this just because we are an HKS PRO dealer, lol, more because it seems no one knows they are available. Which is weird, and everyone should know the options that are out there for our cars. The site does not show them listed for the IS'f but the part number is the same for the IS-250, 350, and F. Just like the Teins....


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I'd be interested to see how they work for you. Use caution though, I read somewhere on either this forum or maybe on CL that a shop installed IS350 springs on an ISF, and it bottomed out badly due to the extra weight of the V8. If the HKS coilovers really are the same for the 250/350/F, something sounds wrong to me. They are different cars, and should each have a coilover designed for the weight of their engine bay. I'm no suspension expert though...but having the same part number for the 250/350/F just sounds alarms in the back of my brain for some reason.
The springs will not be weighted for the ISF. You need to buy ISF specific coilovers, ISx50 sets will not work properly.
Keep in mind the weights of these vehicles:

The IS 350 has a curb weight of 3527 lbs.

The IS 250 RWD has a curb weight of 3450 roughly man/aut

The IS 250 AWD has a curb weight of 3651 lbs.

The IS F has a curb weight of 3780 lbs.

So that means the IS-F is roughly 250 lbs heavier then the IS-350 and depending on the IS 250 version as little as 130 lbs. Not much of a difference is it? When you consider the weight of one passenger vs. 4, or with or without luggage, size of occupants, etc.

Sure the overall weight transfer and balance is going to be different but not dramatically.

The TEIN coilovers (confirm with the TEIN website) are the ones a lot of people seem to be running. However the part # is the EXACT same for all IS models??? However I am being told that there is a different part # for the F that may not appear on the sheet we are using so I do not want to give out false information if what we have is outdated or incorrect.

The HKS are technically not for the IS-F. As we have been discussing on the other thread on club lexus. I did more research with HKS and confirmed that there is in fact an IS-F specific coil over that has not been released, and may never be released in the US market. It does in fact have different valving and a slightly different spring rate. Will the other set work? Yes, is it adjustable for ride height, compression, etc? Of course it is, so bottoming out isn't really the issue. - Overall handling certainly is.

I'll know more about the JDM version coilovers and availability over the next few days as my guys at HKS are working on it already.

Just wanted to give you all an update.


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