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Hiya! Noobie here with ??? 2008isf

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Hello peeps this is my first post on this forum. Proud new owner of a 2008 Silver ISF with 15k mileage on her, Big upgrade from my TL. The ISF is pure seX. Been reading up on the forum and and got some questions.

1. I have a little wind noise from the sunroof, do yall have it too?

2. Can different springs to be put ie. Bilsteins etc. to soften the ride, I prefer stock height as is .... but just a little softer.

3. Can the Navi be hacked to watch DVD or Video on it?

4. My headlights have that clear cutoff line double's NOT symetrical. (the Z line thingy doesnt overlap) kinda bothers me.

5. I have some new Volks 19"...19x8.5 +43 offset, will these fit the Brakes? These brakes are hughe! (I don't have TPMS in the Volk on the Volks ) can I still use them without problems?

Thanks fellas.
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the car.

1. I don't get any noise from the sunroof (unless it is open of course). Have the dealership check on this.

2. Sure you can change the springs, you might want to consider coilover's as they are adjustable in both height and stiffness.

3. Yes. There are 2 common hacks. Try a search to see the instructions and reviews. One hack is a cut and splice, nothing needed to buy. The other is a system that you can buy and have installed (I installed it myself) and it will unlock all functionality.

4. Not sure what the Z line is. Have the dealership check this out.

5. Someone with more knowledge needs to answer this one. Maybe Discount Tire will chime in on this one.
Thank you for the reply...

The DVD hack..FAQ is on this site I hope.

The (Z) line is where the headlights cutoff, its not symetrical but I can live with it.

The fit...yay!!! I test fit but not sure it TPMS warning will come on or not. I don't wanna waste my time putting them all on and get check engine, air pressure warning etc to come on.

Here's a teaser pix hope link works. Once again Thank you for taking time to reply.
Oh darn..I can't post link or pixs till 15post. I need 12 more post lol
Here, check these links. I found these with a quick search..

They should get you started. I know Fig on this site is who started the cut/splice version, but i didn't find the original thread. CL has a bunch of stuff too on the subject. I think the reason I am having problems is some of the older threads might be lost or something, we did a server change a while back and some of the re-directs are bunk or missing.
Welcome to the forum and especially welcome to the F. Its a great car and its bullet proof. I thrash mine all the time. By the way, did you get the car from Ecarone?
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