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I hear ya. But, IMO, the Lexus Certified Shop is charging you way too much. I have replaced the front bumper on my '08 (road debris) - total cost for replacement and refinish was $789.73. Had the bumper refinished on my wife's ES (she rubbed a curb) - total cost for refinishing was $461.88. The body shop did an excellent job, and you can't tell that any work was done on either vehicle. In addition, at my request, the shop also put two coats of clear on both bumpers, and yes, they did fill those license plate guide marks. Note, I have also had some custom paint work done on the rear bumper of my F, they also did an excellent job and charged my $620.81 to refinish and two tone the rear bumper. I have attached a photo of my rear bumper so you can gauge the quality of the work.



1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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