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Hid kit

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Hid Conversion Kit On My Lexus Is250 2011 | Installation AND Picture

Hello everyone. I just installed today some hid lights on my lexus is250 2011. Dealer wanted an insane amount (1000$) for something that i got for only 110$ online and gives me the exact same result if not even better. Dealership offer a 35w kit and i bought a 55w hid kit 8000k.

Installation was pretty easy but long. A lot of screws to remove and then you need to remove the bumper to be able to remove the headlight and then reach the bulb. It took me a good 1 hour to complete the installation. lexus makes it so complicated to reach the low beams bulb its unbelievable.

Despite this, i was still able to install the hid kit perfectly. I can help anyone that wants to install an hid kit on his Lexus. My xenon lights are bright and awesone :)

I took some pictures to show you guys the results. if anyone has any questions concerning where i got them or on the installation, please feel free to ask.

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You do know that all IS F's come with Factory HID's which include a cut as not to blind on-coming traffic which are all DOT compliant.

Your IS 250 offered a dealer upgrade to get this feature, it comes standard on the F.

The only HID kits used by F owners are for fog lights.

yes you are right. i guess cause the is-f comes with xenon already. I will install on my fog lights soon and will post pictures.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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