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Hi Y'all

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So I just got back from the 30 day/1000 mile service; what exactly did they do? They don't change the oil ("cars are built to high tolerances, these days, sir"). Looks like they washed it....

This is Lexus number 2. I bought a 98 GS400 new and the F is a logical progression. You know, everything is in the same place; things work the same, etc.

Anybody out there attracting "things". I mean, I've had the car two months and already I've dusted a Subie STi, BMW 335i, Acura TSX, and a chick in a (gasp) Boxter..(what was she thinking?) Haven't had any heavy hitters yet....
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I believe the 1000 mile check is just a cursory inspection to make sure there are no fluid leaks, the brakes are seating properly, etc. That way they hope to catch faulty parts before they do serious damage to other least that's what I think the 1000 mile check is for.
where i live, the people who have the sti's, evo x, and such cars all have enough of a brain to stay away. its the people with the pontiac g6 with the big wing that think they got a chance. some guy with a ford fusion on 20"s wanted to hump my leg, a group of older gentlemen liked looking at it at the mall parking lot, its only when i go to the big city, and see an other isf that i get the thumbs up.
Hi pstretch,

Welcome! You went from Lexus' first true sport sedan powerhouse to Lexus' newest bad boy.

1k service is basically just an overall check up of your car. It is also the best time to get your LPS (Lexus Personalized Settings) taken care of. It was previously known as C-Best on your old GS.

More info here:
glad to be here...

I had to have another V8. The GS is a great car; great midrange pull; BUT the suspension was just too soft. Seat time is the F has cured that! Thanks for LPS info.
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