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Hi to all IS-F lovers !!!!

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I´m new and just want to say hi to all IS-F lovers fans.

I´m going import to México a IS-F full equipment model, Blue-White color, i´m sure going to be a great purschase, with 8 speed trans. and 4.8sec. fun is the word.

Best wishes to all from México.
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Welcome to the site. Where in Mexico are you? I assume you will be importing from the US? Looking forward to pics when you get your new toy.

will be more in the 4.5 second range, that just = more fun for you!
Bienvenidos! :) Welcome and don't forget to share pics of your IS F with us.
Hola! Welcome to the site! Let us know if you have any questions :cool:
Signing on

Hi! New guy here from the Philippines. Just got my ISF last December 7, after the Pacman-de la Hoya fight. I guess I was so happy and so was the importer, called him up on the way home after the fight, told him I'll trade my 07 Subaru STI for an ISF, we agreed on the prices, by 4PM I was driving my new ISF.

Value for money, bang for the buck, and as an owner of Orange Performance Techiques, Inc. the Subaru is up there. But I must say, I am extremely happy with the ISF. I've already driven it at VERY high speed, and on winding roads, in manual and auto-sport modes. I am amazed at its technology. Great car! Hands down compared to the M3 I tried a few months back.

Is there a way of contacting Mr. Yaguchi, Chief engineer of the ISF? I'd like to give some feedback.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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