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Hi, Noob here

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Hi my name is Andy and I just picked up a 2008 IS-F late august. I've been surfing the net to find a good forum site on info on the new Lexus F models. Anyhow does anyone know if any aftermarket mods(intake, header, exhaust) have been made for this beast? Wouldn't mind adding a few mods on it but I also know it doesn't really need it. I also would like to track this beast one day as I use to track a s2000 heavily modded with J's racing and Spoon parts at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Seattle back in 2005 through 2006. Also I've heard rumors about a supercharger being made for the IS F. Has it been confirmed yet?

Anyways here are my pictures of my new F obsedian black with 2600ish km so far on the engine.


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Welcome to the site , congratualtions on your purchase.I see your car is in KM, where are you located?
Welcome to the site and congrats on the F! How are you liking the car so far?

Thanks for sharing the great pics! As for your aftermarket question there is only one company out with aftermarket parts and that is SRT (swiftracingtechnologies). They have an intake and an exhaust system out for the F. You can buy the F-Sport rear sway from a Lexus dealership to give you a stiffer rear bar if you would like as well. Cosmetically, you can visit the l-tunedparts website for accessories.

Everybody is waiting until the SEMA show in november for the aftermarket to open up for the F :) Welcome again and enjoy
Andy, welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. Please share your life and times with your IS-F with us!
welcome to the sitee!! very nice rideee :) :) :) :) :)
Thanks guys, glad to share my IS F with all other F members out there. Also I am located in Canada.

How do I like it? I absolutely love it. Very nice tq and power when in sport mode. My engine is pretty much broken in already and I have tooken it up to speeds of 210km. Only downfall for me is it guzzles gas but it doesn't really bother me as my previous rides were only getting 270-280km per tank. It does have a different feel comparing to my S2000 but of course the IS F is alot faster.

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Welcome to the site and congrats on the car. Fellow Canadian here. Before I bought my ISF I came close to purchasing a S2000, fun car but nothing like the Beast!!!
nice mats! all season??
yo your speedometer lights looks like its all blue it would be sick if it was all blue...
nice mats! all season??

Yes the mats are winter mats.
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