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Hi from Germany

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Hi all, greetings from Germany.

I might be after a IS-F, having a test drive in the next days - already in contact with the local Lexus centre. Lexus are quite rare in Germany and I think I have never seen a IS-F outside the showroom.

Right know, I am driving a Beemer 325i and as second car for the sunny days a mildly modded Lotus Elise R. Looking for a replacement of the Beemer for December. Also open to cars which replace both the Beemer and the Elise, but tempted to keep the Elise which is so much fund to drive on sunny days on twisted B-roads.
Looking at the paper, IS-F is the first choice, as I believe a GT-R is not reliable enough (German GT-R community not too happy with car's reliability when driven on race tracks - and the Elise is perfect for that job). Other options include the Subare Impreza WRX STI or more sensible local cars (ie. not available in the US) from Volkswagen or GM brands with 4WD.

I am in Beemer homeland and many M3 around, so I would rather go for an IS-F, for the same reason I got the Elise and not a Porsche Boxster. Hope that two golf-bags fit into the trunk of the IS as this is a must.

Your forum is really a good source of information, no German Lexus forum around (at east not with focus on IS-F) and only one other forum in the UK.
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Welcome, and good luck with your test drive and purchase. It is always fun to be a little different, and cruising around in an ISF in Germany will definitely set you apart.
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you will fall in love with the F. The GTR and the F are two completely different cars. If your looking for a daily I'd chose the F over the GTR. It's going to be a much more comfortable car.
Wow IS-F in Beemer world. Talk about a blast!!!!! I wish you soooooo much luck in getting it and then envy all the fun you'll have against all the M's and 335I's. The F is a blast and under the radar as well.
Keep us posted.
Go for it! An import such as the F will be wild over there. Best of luck!

2 Sets of golf clubs will fit easily in the trunk. I do it all the time with room left over.

2 Sets of golf clubs will fit easily in the trunk. I do it all the time with room left over.
Sales person told me the same today. Unfortunately, their demo IS-F is only scheduled for mid July. The old demo car was sold 3 months ago and since then they had no IS-F demo car....
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