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Hi Everyone on Lexus ISF

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Just checking in new to the site.
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Anybody In New York, near Westchester, Rockland, Northern New Jersey? If so give me a shout out. Don't see too many IS-F owners in this area. I have a 08 IS-F, Color Gray, Has anybody have problems with the squeaking of the brakes? My car only has 12k on it. If so please let me know.

Hello Brown 598,

I am not in your area but I am new to this forum as well as a new owner (as of this coming Saturday) and very much looking forward to it. I will let the others chime in about the brakes but welcome!!

Hey IS-F Steve- Thanks appreciate it. Hope you enjoy your car, I lOVE MINE!!!! LOL
Welcome to the site, both of you.
Hi Brown and welcome. The front squeal a bit. I am sure its just the compound. Check them though and just make sure you are not in need of new pads. 12k is low mileage for new brakes (replaced mine at 22k) but ya never know.
Welcome. Mine squeek from time to time. I have 20k miles. Just purchased a little over a month ago and dealer said they still had 60% left. Most people seem to replace them around that 20k mark from what I've seen. I think you got a little while left on them, and chalk the noise up to the compound. I'd still take a wheel off and check them out though. Good luck with the F!!! How long have you owned it for?
Why does the new site show a buncha red x's where the avatars were??? Is anyone else getting this on their screen??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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