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how is the isf in terms of reliability so far? i hate having random CELs or having to make unplanned trips to the mechanics...

and also...

what's the difference between the 08 and the 09 model?? seems like if there are 08s around, they can be a great bargain...

last... i'm located in the southern california area... any recommended dealers around here??

Welcome! As far as the IS F's reliability, it's a Lexus, and the 2nd generation IS platform has proven to be reliable from the start. Since the IS F just came out this past February, it's still early to say, but so far so good, no one in any of the Lexus communities have reported any problems.

Many of the 08 to 09 differences are cosmetic. As mentioned above in the link provided, I have highlighted the 09 updates for the IS F. It's virtually unchanged other than the small refresh and updates to the interior.

I highly recommend one dealer here in SoCal and is the same place I get all my Lexus vehicles. Shoot me a PM if you are interested.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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