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welcome to the forums! As a lexus IS-F owner, Ive never been happier with a car so far in my life, this car is just made to perfection, you should really just test drive one and experience it, go to a dealership and just take a look at it, it will catch your eye and you won't be looking at other cars, honestly i was able to get a BMW M5 and was even thinking of a Maserati Quattracoupe, but i chose this car because one the price is not expensive at all, for what you are getting, and the looking into the BMW was a fan of BMW just thought that BMW cars goes through service alot, my opinion and so many people have BMW's in general, and the Maserati was a bit pricy for what you are getting, so I chose IS-F and wasn't dissappointed at all, but thats me a lot of the members on this forums can speak the same i believe.

"Lexus" is more focused on luxury cars, but this is the first ever to have its sports car sedan, at under 3000 rpms you will think that its a regular lexus, but once you turn sport mode off vcs off and gas it to over 3000 rpms unleashes the IS-F's true power, and you will have to find that out yourself :D, well thats some information to give you a little insight about the IS-F, its all up to you what you get, so good luck with your decision, and welcome to the forums again you will find more information in this forums about the car
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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