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Hey guys

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Had the F since March of '08, got the car brand new. Just now looking into forums and looks like this one will be the most helpful in terms of aftermarket and other owner's concerns. Starfire pearl with the stock darker 19"s. Looking to do a window tint, carbon fiber hood to prevent chipping, the ISS forged sport exhaust, and maybe a supercharger sometime in the future :).
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Welcome to the site. How is your car holding up for you? It is one heck of a car. Is your hood getting pretty chipped up?
Unfortunately yes, I've already got one smaller chip right on the edge of the hood, and another that didn't strip the paint but it just kills me when I wash it. Other than that, the car has held up extraordinarily. It truly is a best of both worlds situation. You get the interior luxury of a Lexus, but at the same time it's a wolf in sheep's clothing and becomes an animal with VSC off and sport mode on. And still can't get over the speed of the shifts while using the paddles even after having the car for 2+ years :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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