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Hey Guys My First Time Here

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What are the different mods people have done to get more fun out of ISF.
Here is a picture of my toys


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Intake and exhaust mostly, headers are being worked on, there is also a ported manifold available, slowly parts are trickling out.
Sick looking bike you have there. What kind is it?

The Bike is R1. I want to put the same kind of red lining on the wheels of my ISF too. So where is a good place to get the new intake. How many more ponnies does it buy. Do other people have a little trouble getting the car out of a cork-screw turn quick enough. May be I am just not used to the pedal shifters, I cannot down shift enough at the Apex to come out fast.
technically speaking...... you should already be in the optimum gear for the corner before turning in. so all your shifting should be over with. trail braking a little bit at the start of the corner would help reduce the initial understeer on turn-in, but brakes should not be applied in a corner. also, accelerate through the corner by gradually increasing pressure on the gas pedal until the limit is reached. at that point, upshift as needed.
Damn...nice toys. Keeping the Yamaha heritage alive! 2UR-GSE v8 co-developed by Yamaha and your R1 of course!
What Up Everyone Just Wanted To Say Hi To Everyone, Lets Talk Shop, Whats On Everyones Mind
congrats and welcome...iv got a red F and a red GIXXER 1000 in my garage :D
Hi Guys,
Do we have a Bay Area F club? Anyone in the SF Bay Area want to get together and do a drive on highway 9 sometime.
Hi Mike,
I can always make time on the weekend. Why don't we fix a place and see if there are others who would want to join.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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