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Hey F people

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I just joined up. Got a sonic blue f & love it. Had a 350 IS but traded it in for ISF.
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Uhm, forgive if this sound dumb but how do I post a pic? I dont know how to do the URL thing when i klick on insert image.
find the pic you want to post, right click and copy the pic location. then paste that into the "image" buton, which is right next to the URL button.
Thanks for the heads up Bulls, however It asks for me to enter the url of my image. I cant copy & paste. ???
yeah, the part where you copy the pic/link location is the URL you'll need to post the picture. i believe you can copy and paste from the actual window granted that the URL ends in the correct photo format. ie: www.yourpic.jpg, .bmp., .gif, etc.
I found out that my pics were to big a file to upload. i did post a cpl on member galleries. my cam is 10 megapix so I got to adjust it down 7 take some. Thanx for your help.
How's it going everybody? Glad to be a part of the family. I have a smokey granite IS-F on black interior.I'll get to update my site when I have time and put in some pics.I'm here in S.FLA HOT AS HELL LIKE MY CAR lol
Thanks for halting the spammers!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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