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Hey Everybody!

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I just wanted to say hi and announce that I just picked up the IS-F yesterday. The car is in starfire pearl, ML sound/nav, black int., I am very impressed thus far and am very glad I bought it as opposed to some other obvious choices in the 60k-70k bracket. The engine/trans/suspension in this car is simply amazing- living the dream and glad to say so. Feel very fourtunate to own one. First time I got on it a little the exhaust note blew me away! The car goes mental above 3900rpm! Going for a night cruise gotta go, ciao- James
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Congrats and welcome to the club! It's a great car >

and I enjoy learning more about it every day! And yes, the sound of the IS-F is better then anything coming through the stereo speakers IMHO !! :)
Just like mine. Wax it up with Zaino show wax

and the water and dirt will just blow off. Silver look clean even when it isn't. I put protectant on all the black vinyl and I think it look better not such a dusty look. Also you can zaino wax the wheels and the brake dust does not stick so bad. Have fun
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