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My 2008 IS-F has 14,600 miles. The factory PS2s have 2mm to the wear bars ... probably 2,000 more no-thrash miles. The front pads have 12mm remaining, so ABYARS' expereince in the 20k range is in line with my experience. Then again, I try not to use the brakes if at all possible!

I would strongly recommend you consider Continental's ExtremeContact DWS tire ... particularly living in NY State. As I posted elsewhere, my son switched to these tires for his Mazdaspeed3 and now has >20k miles and the "S" is still visible on the tread. He tells me the dry weather performance is similar to the factory Bridgestone RE050 but wet and really-wet performance is outstanding. On Tire Rack's site the DWS is their #1 all weather performance tire and the DW (no snow rating) their #1 summer performance tire.

Please post what you chose and your experience with that choice.
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